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Magasin in use: Rob Becker identity

31 October, 2013 — admin

It’s always nice to see your typefaces in use, and especially when they are so well combined. That’s the case with my typeface Magasin used for the the identity of Rob Becker. Magasin is used for the […]

  • MagasinElleMagasin05_700px
  • MagasinElleMagasin04_700px
  • MagasinElleMagasin06_700px
  • MagasinElleMagasin03_700px
  • MagasinElleMagasin07_700px
  • MagasinElleMagasin12_700px
  • MagasinElleMagasin10_700px
  • MagasinElleMagasin09_700px
  • MagasinElleMagasin11_700px
  • MagasinElleMagasin08_700px
  • MagasinElleMagasin02_700px
  • MagasinElleMagasin01_700px
  • MagasinElleMagasin01_700px

Magasin in use: NL ELLE Decoration

31 October, 2013 — admin

I recently received very good news: my typeface Magasin has been wonderfully used in the Dutch interior decoration magazine “NL Elle Decoration”. The typeface is widely used throughout the magazine, in big and small titles. I think it […]


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