Language encodings

Multi™ supports major European Latin languages including Latin-based Central European (CE). The Character Set is Latin Plus.

Supported OpenType features

Standard Ligatures [LIGA], Case-Sensitive forms [CASE]+Capital spacing [CPSP], Fractions [FRAC], Ordinals [ORDN), Superscript / superiors [SUPS], Subscript/Inferior [SUBS], Localized forms [LOCL]. Tabular figures [TNUM] in the Multi Text fonts (that has Proportional Figures by default). Multi Display Subfamily has only Proportional figures. Stylistic alternates [SALT] in the Multi Display Italic set fonts. These italics have an alternate version of the character “e”, for a truer italic touch (e > e).

Available formats

Desktop Cross Platform / Mobile App

OTF-CFF (OpenType)
OTF-TTF (TrueType)Format


(Manually hinted for the Text Versions)

License Types
• Desktop Fonts
• Webfonts
• Mobile Applications Fonts (APP)
• Electronic Publications Fonts (EPUB)
• Servers Fonts

License for Desktop Fonts Collections (1-5 users)
Multi Complete Family (20 fonts) 960€
Multi Display (14 fonts) 714€
Multi Text (6 fonts) 306€

License for Individual Desktop Font (per single style) (1-5 users) 
Multi Display 60€
Multi Text 60€

Need more than one license type?
Visit Type-Ø-Tones website or Ask for the estimate

MultiText family
MultiDisplay family


Multi, designed by Laura Meseguer, 2011-2016.
Production: Joancarles Casasín and Noe Blanco.
Minisite designed by Laura Meseguer, 2016.
Programming: Girafa Digital