ARE ANY OF THESE YOUR TYPE? Postcard and Posters

A project as a present.


This postcard, Are any of these your type? is the second piece I printed with letterpress  last year. The first was the TIPOSOUFFLÉ! at Familia Plómez in Madrid. This one was made in Barcelona by Grafiko in a limited-edition of 100 copies in blue and 100 more in green, both on 240 g/m² cotton paper. The size is A5 (150x210mm).
The design highlights aspects of my recent work as a lettering and type designer. All the letters in this postcard are hand-made; some are part of typefaces in development I will release in the future, and others are my interpretation of beautiful signs I photographed in different cities.


Recently and, as an addition, I designed another version of this project. I was invited by 180hilos to be part of their unique series of posters created by designers and illustrators. The project consisted of a series of three different posters silkscreen printed on 300 g/m² Sirio Navy Blue Cardboard. With a size of 30×40cm, 25 units of each were produced (signed and numbered). The three posters share the same composition but have four different colour combinations each.

Poster 1
Gold, Silver, ‘gallardo’ Blue and Red. lm logotype in gold
Poster 2
Silver, orange, light green,  green.  lm logotype in light green
Poster 3
Gold, silver, green and dark orange.  lm logotype in dark orange

The project 180 hilos is an initiative of Art Plus. All the prints were carried out by José Maria Hernando, whose work was essential in achieving such nice results. You can buy them online at 180hilos.

And, finally, this video was made for the presentation of the posters at Offf2013. Karin du Croo from nueveojos created this wonderful film that explains the design process: an A-Z alphabet done with letters inspired by letter signs, and my own alphabets as well.

The song ‘Musique for Bath’ was composed, recorded & mixed by Frank Pahl & Christophe Petchanatz.


Client: Personal Project

Date: 2013. Printers: Grafiko for the letterpress postcard; Art-Plus for the silkscreen posters


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