Lettering and poster for Comuniza


Comuniza wanted to celebrate their second anniversary. To communicate their excitement, they asked several design studios to reinterpret these past two years of life. The concept was simple: a personal view expressed in a colour poster of 50x70cm.

I was one of the chosen studios, together with Belda, Bold, Extra!, Form & Co, Hey, Luna, Marga Oller, Marta Sánchez, Josep Maria Mir / Summa, Much, Nom Nam, Quique Lopez & Miriam Ortega and Rosa Llop. My proposal consisted in drawing a number 2 set at 2012 points. The number 2 is built as a puzzle composed by three different pieces that can be seen as a 0, a 1 and a 2 in themselves, thus creating the 2012. The style is a didone with extremely high contrast and the colours hint at a festive party mood.

Client: Comuniza

Date: 2012


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