Lettering and branding for an ice cream treats company.

The Gladwell Company is a project created by Nate Lynch, who contacted me to create a handmade logo. They also required design branding elements and a companion typeface.


The lettering
Previously, Nate did his own research and came to me with lots of references and a very clear list of things that they wanted to convey with the lettering: Friendly, Modern Nostalgia, Whimsy, Simplicity, Crispness, Clarity, Quality, Dynamism, Legibility, Fun/Unexpected Ligatures, Unique “G”.


These are some of the early sketches done by hand for Gladwell – accompanied by the Arboria Typeface. The calligraphic approach is based on the formal brush writing.


Once the lettering was digitized, I incorporated the Arboria typeface for the composition of THE COMPANY. I tried different compositions, vertical, horizontal, etc.


Final version. The digitization process helped to improve the legibility; notice the differences between the first and the second: the first has a different design for the G (more condensed and with loop) and the a (open). The second option is the definitive one.



For the companion typeface, I chose the Arboria from Type-Ø-Tones, a geometric sans serif typeface with retro appeal. The range of colours is very simple: red, blue, green and red. The gradients of blue and green are only used for the stripes.


Client: The Gladwell Company

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