Curating and writing for a publication on the basics of type design.
Graphic design of the book cover.

How to create typefaces. From the sketch to the screen. That’s the new book published by Tipo e of which I am co-author with Christopher and Jose Scaglione Henestrosa. The book is now available on their website and is filled with instructions to create your own typeface and is proving to be quite a success.

This was a very rewarding project for me, although the work process was very laborious and slow-thinking – as we are three co-authors, we exchanged views on all aspects and chapters of the book – the end result is the union of all of us. Cristóbal, José and I work in the same field, but from different points of view and even slightly different methodologies, a fact that makes the book a great tool. Aside from being responsible for one third of the content, I also designed the cover; the interior design was carried out by Elena Veguillas of Tipo e.

How to create typefaces...

You can read more about the content (in English) here, at Rosetta’s blog.

How to create typefaces...

How to create typefaces...



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