Participation in a graphic design exhibition curated by Toormix

My participation in the exhibition ‘Inside Designers’, curated by Toormix consisted of three elements: a short text about my vision on design, a personal project reflecting that vision, and a photo of something that could serve as an anecdote or curiosity.

The text: I use typography as a vehicle of expression giving relevance to rational logic and functionality without ignoring aesthetics and emotion. For me, design is emotion expressed through ideas and unique concepts.
The project consisted in the design of a very expressive letter “a” based on the sign of Bar L’amistat.
The anecdote was explained via the photograph of my grandfather’s business card, who was a printer, that somehow explains my love for typography and letters.

Here you can see the graphic pieces and three elements integrated in two panels 0,70 x 1,70 m that Toormix designed for the occasion.




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