Custom logotype design for an online store offering art, photography and designer products.


Petit Sesame is an online store whose target re women of 18-28 years old, people who love trends and fashion at an affordable price without renouncing style.  The functional requirements for the brand: it has to be simple, good legibility at 23px height (to be placed in a head of 45px), and  good recognisability as an app icon.

The design process
The design process of this logotype follows the perfect briefing, given by a client who knows exactly what a new fashion brand needs, uniqueness and functionality. My very first approach was to create a script logo, because no other typographic solution would draw the attention as much as a script can! It also connects with the customer in an emotional manner, especially in the case where there is no physical store. The first sketch was based on my own handwriting.

The very first sketch was based on my own handwriting.


Second sketch. The next sketches explore different options with more free style and other tools.


Last sketch before digitization.

Once a final sketch was chosen, it was digitized. I tried different solutions until I found the right one.


First digitization.06_PS_DefintiveDigital
Final logotype and its App icon.


Final logotype in use at actual size.


Final version of the app icon in use.

See some applications of the logotype at and


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