Graphics on cigarette rolling paper.

Rolling Cover

This book was designed as a visual journey through the evolution of graphic design via the interesting world of cigarette rolling paper booklets, including a sampling of more than 400 images of booklet brands ranging from the early 19th century to the present day. The development of typography, printing techniques, and packaging illustration can all be seen in these examples, which have been separated into different chapters: nature, places, objects, people, typography, textures and advertising. All the material is part of José Lorente’s huge Rolling Paper collection.

Rolling Paper pages

It also constitutes an open window to an overlooked design medium. This book showcases each design in actual size and some feature close-up shots that focus on specific details, for instance typography, as many of the designs in this book are from the 19th century, there are great examples of unique hand drawn typefaces, which I personally selected as “a typographic dream”.



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