Posters for the exhibition BCNMCR

The concept: from lettering to “lettering”
This project was specially carried out as a contribution for the exhibition BCNMCR, an event curated and organized by Dave Sedgwick. My piece consisted in a personal recreation of three letters from signs in Barcelona and three from Manchester. The exhibition was held at Manchester’s TwentyTwentyTwo venue and opened from the 27th of March to the 23rd of April 2014.

Despite being related to the self-commissioned project I did two years ago, this time, a higher level of interpretation would be necessary, through illustration, colour and various graphic treatments. My personal challenge was to achieve a balance between the original lettering and an illustrated reinterpretation in a more ‘typographic’ manner by redefining the proportions and design, keeping in mind the final poster format, all by following my intuition.

Choosing the letters
The challenge was to achieve a balance between the original lettering by redefining proportions and design, and create the final set of posters for the exhibition, keeping in mind two key aspects: choosing the letters that would be most representative of a city but would also need to favour the design project.

Process & resolution
Once the letter was chosen, it was first redrawn by hand, then digitised and finally coloured. I tried different solutions until I found the right one for each letter. The references and experience I have acquired over the years are present in this project, and the alliance between the old and the new creates a tension that becomes a new way of expression.



B from Bodegas Mallorquí, C from Cafetería Urgell and N from Camiseria Pons. Barcelona


M from Midland Hotel, C from Hanckoks and R from the John Rylands Library. Manchester

The 50×70 cm posters are beautfully printed by Tam Impression on Colorplan Bright White 175gsm SRA1 (FSC accredited and Acid Free) supplied by GF Smith Papers.

The exhibition
The display as independent pieces in the exhibition offers a visual expression that they would not have if put all together on a single poster for instance; this is why I decided to show them individually. Moreover, each poster mentions the location of the original letter, so it can be seen in its actual environment… if you visit Manchester or you come to Barcelona! If you fall in love with any of them, just let me know, they will be on sale at the end of the exhibition, and later in my own online shop.

You can see a very nice video in Vimeo



The BCNMCR letters in show. TwentyTwentyTwo venue, Manchester. Photo © by Drew Forsyth

I have taken hundreds of photos of letters in Barcelona with the aim of showing them to the people that walk these streets and don’t usually see them, but also to others that don’t live here. Therefore, this heritage of anonymous sign painters and craftsmen who decorated houses, gave their identity to shops, and produced, without intending to, the (typo)graphic identity of the city, is a treasure we have to share.

I hope I will have contributed some awareness of our patrimony, breathing new life and value into the city.

Thanks to everyone who made it possible and specially to: Dave Sedgwick, for his great work organising on his own, Team-Impresion for doing such a superb job at printing, GF Smith for supplying the beautiful paper, and of course to all the sponsors for their support: Shillington CollegeNine SixtyCreative ReviewEstrella DammTwentyTwentyTwo, and The SkinnyThank you.

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