Design of Wall Decals for Myvinilo

I have participated in an initiative by Myvinilo, a Barcelona-based company that design, produce, and distribute decorative vinyls around the world. They invited me to be part of The Wonderwalls project, consisting in ten Barcelona designers, designing four wall decals each that could transmit the essence of art and design. My proposal consisted in the design of a serie of famous quotes, where one or two words have been substituted by vinyl blackboard, to encourage users to complete them by writing or drawing whatever they want. I’m very happy to have been able to work on product design for the first time.

Here you have a little animation of the design process.



The two quotes I chose where : “Don’t try to be original; just try to be good” by Paul Rand and “Work cures everything” by Henri Matisse, that after my intervention will look like this: “Don’t try to be ______ just try to be______” and “______ cures everything”


One of the relevant aspects is the size, 52x100cm and 92x100cm respectively, which allows the quotes to be used as as complete wall decorations. Also the user can compose them in different ways.







I hope you will like them, for any further information, visit TheWonderwalls.com.


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