Lettering for a promotional campaign of the tourism in the Comunitat Valenciana.


The advertising agency PUBLIPS asked me to work on the lettering for the logo “Vacacionismo” as well as different slogans or tag-lines. The word Vacacionismo derives from “vacacionista” that in Spanish means a person who travels for the enjoyment of holidays, a holiday-maker. So Vacacionismo could be translated as holiday-making. The letterings were to be used in all pieces of the campaign, a fun, distended, and daring style. The agency considered that a calligraphic solution could work perfectly.

The design process
I tried different tools like brush pen and pencil, also mixing lowercase and uppercase, to create a difference between the logo and the slogans.
Sketches. During the second phase I also proposed to work the other way round, with the logo in uppercase and the slogans in lowercase; this proposal was finally approved.
Final version in Valencià.
Some samples of the media campaign, which can be seen in newspapers and on TV ads.


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