Logotype for an online travel agency

Wishseat logo

Wishseat is a new online travel agency. The owners came to me with the idea of helping them to create a hand-made logotype design, which they considered to be the best solution for their new agency. I proposed a brush calligraphy style. Here you can see the working process and how the logo looks like now, the website is still to be launched.

Wishseat process

I began to sketch using a brush pen on rice paper. I’m not a calligrapher but fast sketching with the brush pen helps me a lot in the process.

Wishseat sketches

After writing the logotype lots of times and selecting the one I thought was best for my purpose, I redrew it with pencil on tracing paper while looking for possible letter combinations that can make the logo more attractive. 

Wishseat sketches

The next step was to digitize them, taking care of the contrast and the spacing. At this point, I realized that creating a little break between ‘wish’ and ‘seat’ would help to ‘read’ and understand the meaning of the logotype much better. That’s version 1…

Wishseat sketches

… and this is version 2, offering a different ‘sh’ ligature and also a different ‘s’.

Wishseat sketches

All the versions together, ready for the client presentation. And below is the chosen one.

Wishseat Sketches

Wishseat sketches final


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